specialty labs


Important Information for Patients Using Specialty Labs

If you are doing a specialty lab with a mail-out test kit, there are several important points you should be aware of.

  • The price you were quoted at the front desk is the upfront out-of-pocket price.  We do not mark these tests up and we do not bill your insurance for them.  You can pay for the labs with check or credit card at the time you send in the kit. You can then ask the lab for a receipt and then submit this to your insurance for possible reimbursement.
  • If you choose to have the lab bill your insurance, they bill at a higher rate which they will pass on to you if insurance does not pay for the lab.  Make sure to call your insurance company and see if they will cover the test before you have the lab bill your insurance directly.
  • If you are completing a lab requiring a blood draw, please check with the front desk to make sure you understand what you will need to do to complete these tests.  We most frequently will direct you to our lab for the blood draw and they will submit the test kit for you.  If you go to any other lab, ie Providence or Regional, they will not submit the test kit for you and you must get directions from the front desk on what you will need to do.  Please call us before you go to the lab.


Below are links to the specialty labs, which we most frequently use.  If your doctor has asked you to complete one of these labs, you can access more information about the lab, how to fill out the request form and how to collect the sample(s) by clicking on the links below.  You can find the name of the laboratory performing your test on the test kit we sent you home with.  Please contact us if you have questions. 

Doctor’s Data Inc.  
Great Plains Laboratory 
Metametrix Clinical Laboratory 
Spectracell Laboratories 
US Biotek