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The Natural Health Center, centrally located in mid-town Anchorage, is a beautiful and peaceful place to get the best care natural medicine has to offer. We provide high quality integrated, natural, multi-disciplinary care. Because we have practitioners from different disciplines under one roof, we can offer unique and highly effective solutions for your health concerns.

We treat each patient with kindness, respect and consideration while presenting multiple paths to wellness. We are dedicated to achieving and maintaining your maximum good health.

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What's new at NHC?

2016 Spring Cleanse Plan
March 22 - April 19

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Are you Ready to Transform and Renew?

It's time for the Natural Health Center's Annual Spring Cleanse! The transition between winter and summer is the perfect time to jump-start your health. Take this cue from nature to open up for new growth and change. This is a 3-week doctor-guided program that incorporates physical fitness, dietary changes, and support of the six paths of body detoxification. Download the schedule.

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