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Your Natural Health Center doctor may refer you to one of our medical massage therapists as part of your treatment.  These therapists offer a wide range of techniques which augment our naturopathic and chiropractic care.  Modalities available include classic Swedish massage, structural integration, deep tissue massage, trigger point release, acupressure, sports massage, prenatal massage, and myofascial release among others.  Massage may be covered by your insurance when prescribed by one of our doctors.

Meet our massage therapy providers: 
Annie Garcia-Roberts, LMT; Linda Gill, LMT; Helen M. Meacham, NTS, LMT; Kim Miller, LMT; and Meranda Spaulding, LMT.


myofascial trigger point therapy

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Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy (MTPT) is a specialized treatment for musculo-skeletal pain, also known as myofascial pain. "Myo" means muscle; "fascial" refers to the connective tissue that holds us together.  Myofascial pain can originate from trigger points in muscles and the fascia that is interwoven throughout the soft tissue.

Trigger points can be hypersensitive, tightened areas, referred to as taut bands and they can occur in muscles, tendons and ligaments. They may cause pain, tingling, burning, weakness and a variety of other symptoms. Often they will have a specific pain pattern called referred pain which means they may cause pain not only right where they are but in other areas as well.

Meet our mayofascial trigger point therapy providers: 
Warren Anderson, CMTPT, LMT and Sue Bailey, CMTPT.